Friday, June 7, 2013

Parents & Friends Message

Greetings to Pack 914 parents, leaders and friends,

I want to thank everyone who came to our end of the year picnic on May 28th.  We had some great pizza and the boys had a great time of playing with each other before the school year ended.

I also want to thank Troy for all his time and effort serving us this past year as Cubmaster. I have him on speed-dial.

Upcoming events:

June 17-21 Day Camp - Natl. Guard Armory in Sylva, 9am-3 pm
This is a fun experience for the boys and keeps them active in the summer.  I'm told that less boys have signed up than they expected so they are still accepting campers.  Go here for the official information:
If you want to sign up, contact Karen Holshue ( right away and talk with her about registration.

June 29 - Cubmobile Derby - Cullowhee Baptist Church, 9 am-10 am
This is like a soapbox car race.  Our pack has at least one car and any of our scouts that would like to race in it can do so.  Registration is $5 per scout.  You just need to show up with your scout(s), we'll bring the car(s).

My intention is to do a great deal of communication through the internet.  To that end, I'm starting an email list.  Contact me if you wish to be added:  I've also started this pack website.

There is very little there now, but I'll work to keep the calendar up to date.

Also coming up will be our pack Program Planning meeting.  This is where our leaders and all interested parents get together to plan out our events over the course of this coming year.  I don't have a date yet but please watch for that and consider coming.